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    Structured Cabling Information Transport Systems (ITS).

    Catalyst Communications Group can provide the solution to all your networking needs. We have the resources to design and implement a voice and data network that is perfectly tailored to fit your companies specific requirements, now and in the future. We understand the great importance of standard compliance and staying ahead of the curve therefore, we design every network with this in mind. 

    Here at Catalyst Communications Group we know that investing in a new network, or upgrading an existing network, can be expensive. Because of this it is our goal to design and implement a network for your company that is extremely scalable and will not only endure but surpass the changes of the future. This will allow your company to continue to grow without the worries of your network becoming deficient or, even worse, obsolete. 

    Catalyst Communications Group will provide all of your Layer 1 cabling requirements from Cat. 5E, Cat. 6, Cat. 6A and Fiber to the Desktop to multi-building and single-mode campus networking. We can perform demolition of old cabling, excavation, and conduit design. Catalyst Communications Group will install all backbone and horizontal distributions systems as well as the complete build out of all EF (Entrance Facilities), ER (Equipment Rooms), and TR (Telecommunications Rooms). This includes installing all types of relay racks, cabinets, FDU (Fiber Distributions Units), patch panels, ladder rack, cable tray systems, cable management, and the all important proper grounding of all equipment. Catalyst Communications Group can also provide you with As-Build drawings of every TO's (Telecommunications Outlet), EF (Entrance Facilities), ER (Equipment Rooms), and TR (Telecommunications Rooms) which is imperative to future MACs (moves, adds, and changes) you may require.

    Because our Technicians and Installers here at Catalyst Communications Group have completed various state and national training courses we know we can provide your company the highest levels of quality, design, and installation that meet every aspect of the latest NEC, BISCI, and EIA/TIA standards.



    ITS/Information Transportation Systems:

    Backbone Cabling

    Fiber to the Desktop

    Cat. 5E, Cat. 6, Cat 6A Horizontal Cabling 

    Wireless Networking 


    IP Surveillance 

    Access Control

    Security and Monitoring 



    Digital Imaging

    Multi-Room Audio and Video

    Design and Installation:


    Campus Distribution 

    Outside Plant Cabling

    Aerial Cabling

    Backbone Cabling

    Horizontal Cabling 

    Entrance Facilities (EF)

    Equipment Rooms (ER) 

    Telecommunications Rooms (TR)