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    Business & Home Network-Based IP & Analog Video Surveillance Security Systems

    An Analog or Network-Based IP Video Surveillance Security Systems is an extremely important aspect for the protection of your business or home. You will feel better knowing that there is an early warning system in place to inform you if your business or home is being violated. Catalyst Communications Group can address all of you video surveillance security needs. We can provide a custom design and install a state-of-the-art Analog or Network-Based IP Video Surveillance Security System for your business or home. Our security representatives are industry professionals with the experience and knowledge you would expect from a full service solutions provider.

    Network-Based IP & Analog Video Surveillance Security System.

    Catalyst Communications Group offers sales, design, installation, and service for a wide variety of Network-Based IP and Analog Video Surveillance Security Systems, such as Axis, Infinova, Pelco, Philips, Bosh, Verint, Panasonic, Sony, IQinVision, and Arecont Vision.

    With an Analog or Network-Based IP Video Surveillance Security System you can manage and access your cameras from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. In today's ever expanding world of network technology we have increasingly powerful networks, growing bandwidth capabilities, advance transmission technologies and a fundamental understanding of the opportunities that come with Network-Based IP Video and Analog Surveillance Security Systems.

    With the capability of 1 to 100 cameras on your video surveillance system we here at CCG can offer you maximum flexibility, range, and customization in the functionality and effectiveness of your Video Surveillance Security System. All of this along with the ability to access your cameras remotely from your smart phone, tablet or PC combines to help you protect your business, home, and assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! When you're on the premises, and more importantly when you're not.

    Analog Video Surveillance Security Systems:

    Traditional Analog Video Surveillance Security System are a cost effective, tried and tested platform in the world of video surveillance security system. Ever increasing levels of technology coupled with the ever decreasing cost of cameras, monitors, DVRs (digital video recorder), and NVRs (network video recorder) make Analog Video Surveillance Security Systems a very attractive option. 

    IP Video Surveillance Security Systems:

    Delivering security solutions over IT infrastructures is a reality like never before. In addition to the convenience and cost savings of leveraging existing network infrastructures, Video Over IP can provide greater control, enhanced operational flexibility, improved administration, expanded recording, archiving, and integration capabilities compared to traditional analog technology.

    A video surveillance system from CCG Inc can substantially benefit your business in a variety of ways:

    • Deterrence:

      A comprehensive video surveillance system can help to cut down on in house theft, such as shoplifting and employee theft.
    • Customer Protection:

       Give your customers the added benefit and piece of mind that comes with knowing that you have their best interest in mind by protecting whats valuable to them, which of course is valuable to you!
    • Insurance Savings: A comprehensive video surveillance system from CCG can help to lower overall insurance costs. 
    • Employee Working Conditions: A comprehensive video surveillance system from CCG can help to improve employee safety and overall employee productivity.
    • Legal Safeguard: A comprehensive video surveillance system from CCG can help to reduce illegitimate liability claims from employees and customers.
    • Investment: A one time purchase of one our comprehensive video surveillance system will continue to pay dividends long into the future. Not only monetarily as listed above but by giving you piece of mind in regard to your safety, which is priceless!!    

    With our affordable and completely customizable video surveillance systems we here at CCG Inc. can help you protect your business from a variety of risks, substantially lowering your businesses potential of liability. if not completely eliminating it! While adding sales value to your business because you have a state-of-the-art video surveillance system in place protecting your customers assets!

    Security Cameras:

    CCG carries a comprehensive line of video surveillance cameras and lenses for your exact requirements. We also carry specialty video surveillance cameras, such as hidden cams, low light cams, infrared cams, and night vision cams.


    CCG caries a comprehensive line of monitors in any sizes, resolutions and format to fit your exact requirements. We can also tie your system into any existing monitor you might have saving you         money! 

    DVRs and NVRs:

    CCG has a solution for your DVR and NVR needs. From a simple 4 channel stand alone DVR, to a facility-wide distributed NVR enterprise system utilizing your existing network to tie all of your cameras together for maximum protection!

    Remote Viewing:

    CCG offers a number of methods for remote viewing, from analog to Internet Protocol based cameras utilizing web based browser software allowing you to view your cameras form your smart phone, tablet or PC from virtually anywhere in the world!

    Quality Service Plan:

    CCG offers a comprehensive QSP including customer training, a complete 1 year     manufacture warranty on parts, and a 10 year installation warrant on any problems due to faulty labor or installation, as well as over the phone technical support.

    Contact us for your free video security assessment and quote, one of our video surveillance pros will help you find the exact solution that's right for your business!